Back to School with ZEBRA


Zebra Pen are a global manufacturer with over 100 years’ experience in producing high quality writing instruments. We are continuously growing from innovation to innovation, including new inks and enhanced ranges.

Our catalogue now boasts an extensive range of pens, pencils, markers and more. A pen (or pencil) for every occasion.

The Back to School period is our busiest season of the year and this is a confirmed by our turnover. Not only do young children need writing utensils but college and university students need them too!

Stationery gets very exciting to buy at this time of year because there are so many options! Different types, different ranges, different designs all at great prices! So, to stop you getting carried away, we have made your life easier by showing you our handpicked choices for Back to School.

zebra_3.jpgNew Four Colour pen

Do you want to be able to change ink colour in a split second? Our new Z-Quad does exactly that! With 4 colours in one barrel this pen has super smooth ink to deliver a silky writing experience.





New Mechanical Pencil  

Our new Classic #2 mechanical pencil looks like a traditional wood pencil, but its better! Still a hexagonal barrel, still 6 inches in length however, no sharpening needed so no mess! Spare leads are included, remove the large eraser to attain them.




zebra_4.jpgNew Funky Ballpoints  

If you are someone that wants your stationery to be fashionable as well as functional then you need these in your pencil case…

With a choice of colours and prints, feast your eyes on our new bright animal printed barrel ballpoint pens. Featuring a Zebra, Tiger and Cheetah print barrel, these will definitely funk-ify your pencil case! 

For more information and to see our full range of writing instruments please visit our website where you can find a full list of stockists also.

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