Competitions don’t get any yuckier than this!

Find out how Bitrex keeps your children safe…

There are lots of household products dotted around our homes. Some of them could be dangerous if they got into the hands of our curious little ones. This is where Bitrex comes in. Bitrex is the most bitter substance in the world. Responsible manufacturers add a tiny amount of this perfectly harmless substance to their products. So if your child should begin to swallow something they shouldn’t, they’d instantly spit it out.

…and you could win £250 worth of high street vouchers

This is your chance to taste Bitrex yourself to see how yucky it is? And win £250 of high street vouchers in the process. All you have to do is:

1. Order your taste test kit from

2. Take some funny snaps of your Bitrex Taste Test faces

3. Tweet and share your best (or worst!) photos with @TumbleTots using the hashtag #BitrexTasteTest – and help spread the message about child safety.

The competition runs from 8th September to 28th November 2014 and there will one lucky yucky winner. So get taste testing now!

Visit to find out more.