Arla Big Milk: parents’ new secret weapon

The UK’s first enriched fresh milk for toddlers 

arla_2.jpgParents across the UK will be saying hello to the next generation of fresh milk, with the launch of Arla Big Milk from Arla Foods. It is the country’s first fresh cows’ milk enriched with essential nutrients to help support children’s growth and development as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.      

Arla Big Milk has been developed to specifically meet the needs of children aged from one to five years of age and is made with 100 per cent British whole cows’ milk finely filtered for freshness.  It is also enriched with key vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, Iron and Vitamin A, as well as being naturally rich in calcium.

Arla Big Milk includes:

  • Calcium – naturally rich in calcium needed for normal growth and development of bones in children
  • Added Vitamin D for normal growth and development of bones in children
  • Added Iron that contributes to normal cognitive development of children
  • Added Vitamin A which contributes to a child’s normal development and growth, keeping eyes, skin and the immune system healthy 

Whether it’s a beaker of milk at bedtime, poured over breakfast cereal, or used to make a healthy smoothie, Arla Big Milk has the delicious taste of fresh milk, and is not a hassle to make up. 

Registered independent nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed, commented: “For parents, your child’s development and diet can be such a big worry and so it’s fantastic to see a product that has been specifically designed to cater for toddlers’ nutritional needs.

“Public Heath advice in the UK recommends that every child aged one to four should take Vitamin A and Vitamin D supplements every day, but Arla Big Milk supports this need, by providing these additional vitamins in a practical way that kids aged from one to five already love”.

Arla Big Milk is now available in fresh milk isles across the country in a 2 litre format with an RSP of £2.25 at most major supermarkets.