Frozen to the Rescue

121213_frozen-food_2.jpgWhen parents across the country are faced with ever rising living costs restricting their food budgets, frozen food can offer an easy and cost effective way of providing quality, nutritious food for your family. 

Healthy and Economical

Research has shown that families can save more than £400 per year simply by switching to frozen on the ten most purchased items in the supermarket*. Choosing products including whole chicken, spinach and salmon can save significant amounts on the weekly shop without scrimping on quality.

Just on these ten items alone, the saving can mean a family of four would save enough in a year for a long weekend at a holiday park without any effect on quality or nutrition.

With thanks to our friends at Cool Cookery (, here are some of the cold, hard facts regarding the huge benefits you and your family can get from letting frozen food into your lives!

* Research from Centre for Food Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University 2012

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

130208_iceage_3.jpgHere are some of facts about the benefits of freezing:

  • These days 20,000 kgs of peas can be frozen in just one hour and factories can work around the clock for the 6-8 weeks of the harvest period. Frozen peas are Britain’s favourite frozen vegetable
  • Fast, convenient and available all year, frozen vegetables can be steamed, stir-fried, or microwaved to be ready in minutes.
  • Frozen fruit and frozen vegetables are a great way to get your ’5 A DAY’. Smoothies are an excellent way of using frozen fruit.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are harvested, transported, sorted and then transported again to their point of sale. Sometimes it can be up to 14 days old before it reaches your shop – valuable nutrients are lost!
  • Freezing enables you to choose from the pick of fruit and vegetables all around the world with that ‘just picked’ taste experience in season or out of season.
  • Frozen fruit and frozen vegetables require no preparation, and you can use as much or as little as you want which results in no waste
  • Freezing fruit and frozen vegetables locks in vitamins at the point of harvest

Frozen Fish

121213_frozen-food_4.jpgQuick freezing fish seals in nutrients so it is often fresher than ‘fresh’ fish!
Fish and seafood begins to decline in quality immediately after being caught, so freezing fish as soon as possible retains quality and seals in freshness. When fish is frozen at sea whilst still on board the boat it could not be fresher! Often fish is frozen in port hours are docking! How often is your ‘fresh’ fish this fresh?

Quality fish full of nutrients
Freezing fish allows us to eat seasonal fish all year. Thanks to freezing technology we enjoy fish regardless of season at great prices – offering nutrition for all the family.

Frozen fish is often fresher than ‘fresh’ fish. ‘Fresh’ fish can take a week to reach the shops! 

Frozen Fish – Great Value
Frozen fish and seafood can be 25% cheaper than fresh – great value for money! What’s more, its hugely extended shelf life offers year round price stability. And, buying frozen allows you to use as much or as little as you want – reducing waste because what you don’t want goes back in the freezer!


Frozen Fish – Helping Reduce Carbon Footprints
Eco scientists claim that buying frozen is good for the environment. Fresh exotic fish can be flown in daily from afar but frozen fish keeps for long periods in the freezer. This reduces your shopping trips and flights for seasonal deliveries.

Buy fish for a balanced diet
Fish is recommended as part of nutritionally balanced diets. Freezing allows year-round availability of fish and stops microbiological activity; including pathogens which cause food poisoning – keeping the family healthy!

Frozen Meat and Poultry

121213_frozen-food_3.jpgIt’s always handy to have a frozen chicken and meat in the freezer – you never know when an unexpected guest might turn up! 

Although meat and some poultry improve with age and hanging, freezing meat and poultry offers you many benefits. It allows busy you to manage portions and reduce waste in the kitchen. You can just put any meat you do not want to eat back in the freezer!

  • Freezing is a natural process, which does not require the use of preservatives. This means that your frozen chicken or frozen meat needs no additives
  • The majority of frozen meat and poultry is quick frozen to maintain freshness, tenderness and flavour
  • Many frozen meat and poultry products are pre-prepared and frozen which allows your kitchen to run hassle free
  • Most frozen meat and poultry can be cooked from frozen which reduces waste and saves time
  • Frozen meat and poultry has a hugely extended shelf life. Freezing stops the growth of harmful microbes and pathogens which cause food poisoning.
  • The majority of frozen meat and poultry is individually quick frozen which means reduced waste because you can use as much or as little as you want – especially true for diced and minced products.
  • Frozen pre-prepared meat and poultry products offer more consistent quality every time.
  • Using frozen meats give you and your family a complete meal and menu flexibility.
  • Some pre-prepared frozen products are better than fresh as freezing and cooking from frozen ensures the integrity of the product – for example, frozen chicken kiev encourages the filling to remain within the product.

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