Bathtime and haircare

Bathtime isn’t just a great opportunity for some relaxed, splashy fun. It's also the perfect time for parents to reconnect with their child, and a signal that the day is nearly done and it’s time to wind down for bed. 

Here are some ideas for keeping bathtime splash-happy for babies and toddlers:


Stock up on toys

There are lots of lovely bath toys available to promote different aspects of development. Squeezy toys help to develop fine motor control of hands and fingers, while floating, sinking and pouring toys will bring out the little scientist in your baby. 

Try floating

Gently support your baby or toddler under her head and neck while she floats in the bath with her body stretched out so that she feels the sensations of the water. When you feel confident, you can try singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and doing the hand actions with your free hand while she watches.

Make music

Find waterproof items from around the house that make a noise, such as wooden spoons, saucepans and bowls. Show your little one how each 'instrument' can make a different noise, then encourage her to make the same 'splish splash' or 'boom boom' sound.


Some kids absolutely hate having their hair washed. Turn the ritual into a fun game by sculpting your tot's hair into antlers, a unicorn horn or a Mohican using shampoo, then let her admire the results in a plastic mirror.

Making bathtime safe

  • Check that the water temperature is warm, never hot, and always swish the bath water around thoroughly to avoid any hotter spots. The ideal temperature is between 35 to 37°C.
  • Never put your little one in the bath while the water is still running.
  • Never leave your child unattended in the bath even for a second. Don't be tempted to rush out to answer the phone or the doorbell.


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