The taste they hate. The safety feature mums love.

Your home is an alarming map of hazards. Some are hidden and some are obvious, but all parents have to be alert to where the toddlers traps are lurking.

The kitchen especially is alive with flaming gas rings, red-hot hobs and boiling pots. Not to mention, seriously sharp instruments. And these are just the visible hazards; what about the witches brew of vital household chemicals crouching under the sink? 

But it’s not just about knowing where potential accidents may occur: there’s also the question of when. Most domestic accidents take place in the late afternoon and early evening when the house is busy and parents can be easily distracted. No matter how vigilant you are, no matter how carefully you store dangerous household stuff, it’s when you are laughing with friends, picking up the phone or going to the door that bad things happen. And these are the moments that Bitrex is created for. 

Bitrex is a gentle giant – a harmless substance that tastes so bad, even to a toddler, that just a tiny amount makes it virtually impossible for them to swallow anything harmful. 

Responsible manufacturers add Bitrex to their products as a way of keeping children safe. It’s not a substitute for careful storage or vigilance – but it is a reliable last line of defence. 

Many brands carry the red Bitrex logo including Halfords, Prestone and Tesco – it’s an extra reassurance that the bitter taste of Bitrex will stop your child swallowing a product if they were to get their hands on it. 

Take the Bitrex Taste test yourself, get your kit from After tasting the bitter taste of Bitrex, capture the moment and share your pics by uploading them to #BitrexTasteTest.

Three Ways To Keep Toddlers Safe

  • Put all dangerous materials out of reach, on a high shelf or in a locked cupboard.
  • Where possible, buy products with a child resistant closure.
  • Buy products that contain Bitrex – the bitter taste makes it almost impossible to swallow.


Keep kids safe.
Look out for 
Bitrex logo at
the supermarket.