FIREFLY making brushing teeth fun!

firefly_1.jpgDr Fresh has developed the FIREFLY brand specifically to change the way children brush their teeth and encourage better oral care habits. Our innovative product range entertains kids into a healthy oral care regime with the emphasis on Good; Clean; Fun.

Getting kids to brush their teeth properly is always a challenge but we have invented several exciting new items to banish boring brushing and make it less of a chore and more of a fun experience!

  • The Ready, Go brush flashes for ONE minute, using a unique traffic light timer system, so kids brush for the proper dentist recommended time.
  • Firefly Clean Fun Pump Flouride mouthwash is a great way for kids to prevent cavities and have fun with NO MESS!
  • The Firefly Timer Trainer Sets are the perfect all-in-one oral care set for the younger ones to learn to brush properly whilst interacting with their favourite characters.

We ensure that all products meet parental approval for quality and performance so that they are functional as well as fun and created to make life easier and healthier for all.

Healthy Mouths means happy kid’s; happy parents and SMILES all round!

firefly_4.jpgEntertaining Kids Into Healthy Habits by making brushing FUN!

Change the way your child brushes with these exciting new innovations in oral care. That means healthy mouths;  happy kids and happy parents.  Smiles all around!

  • Building routine through innovation and fun.
  • Creating healthy habits through compliance.
  • Protecting young teeth for a lifetime of smiles!

Fun NEW ways for kids to brush!


FireFly® Fluoride Foam Toothpaste takes the drudgery and mess out of brushing. Unlike traditional toothpastes, this light foamy formula is squirted directly into the mouth, rather than onto the toothbrush. From there, it flushes out bacteria and easily gets hard-to-reach spots.


FireFly® Ready Go Brush™ is a novel toothbrush that “times” kids to make sure they brush the dentist-recommended 60 seconds per arch. The flashing light changes from green for “go” to yellow for “halfway there” to red for “finished.” As a bonus, the brush has a suction cup holder so it can be stored upright and hygienically.                 


FireFly® Timer Sets bring innovation into the bathroom. Get ready to brush then press the button to set the character on their travels. When they stop after one minute, you stop brushing! Storage is incorporated into the set.


FireFly® is recognised for its ability to help children know how to brush. It is fun, easy-to-use and made specifically for kids. 



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