Garnier Ambre Solaire introduces its new Easy Peasy Kids range…

garnier_2.jpggarnier_3.jpgSince 1935 Ambre Solaire has been known as an expert brand in sun protection, with generations of products that say “summer is here!”. We want to help make sunshine time nothing but fun and safe for you and your kids. However, we know it’s not always easy to keep your children protected in the sun with them constantly on the move and in and out of water, which is why we have studied not only the effects of the sun but also children’s activity in order to ensure our New Easy Peasy Kids range offers optimum defence, convenience and comfort.


New Wet Skin Lotion for direct application on wet skin

Towel off the kids to re-apply sunscreen? Easier than it sounds! As classic suncare products don’t always adhere to damp skin, it can dilute and create gaps in protection that may compromise efficacy. New Ambre Solaire Wet Skin Lotion is designed to go straight onto wet skin for optimum protection in no time. 

New Anti-Sand Spray – Sand on the beach… not on your skin

Going outside in the sunshine means kids need high-performance protection from the sun’s harmful rays... combine this with sandy beaches and you’ve got sand-covered kids! With the help of special absorbent agents, New Garnier Anti-Sand Spray helps your kids stay protected from harmful UVs without feeling gritty from sticky sand.

Help keep your kids protected whether they are swimming in the sea or building castles in the sand with Garnier Ambre Solaire New Kids Easy Peasy range. Sun protection without the struggle!

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