Oilatum Junior Cream


oilatum_2.jpgClinically tested 8 hours itch relief.

There’s no trick, but there is a science.

We call it Oilatum. Clinically tested to significantly reduce itching for up to 8 hours,* giving your baby long-lasting relief from dry, itchy and eczema-prone skin.

Developed by scientists for regular use, our cream softens and hydrates the skin, creating a protective layer to prevent future dryness – helping to stop the cycle of dry, itchy skin.

74% of mums felt it left them more in control of their child’s dry skin.**

For more information visit www.oilatum.co.uk

Take comfort in our science®

Always read the label.
*Study conducted on adults with dry, itchy skin.  **Unbranded 2 week consumer research study on 150 mums with children with dry skin, aged 6–36 months.

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