6 months to walking – Objectives & Benefits

Tumble Tots – 6 months to walking

The 6 Months – Walking class is the youngest age group in the Tumble Tots brand and offers babies the opportunity to engage in exploratory play in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. Parents are supported and guided by trained staff to encourage babies to build their movement memory and to become physically confident along with also socially confident.

The class begins with a gentle introduction and warm up to a Tumble Tots Action Song before moving out onto the specially designed equipment layout. During the class parents will have the opportunity to join in with tailored development exercises that aim to strengthen a baby’s gross motor skill development. As with all Tumble Tots classes, the 6 Months – Walking class will finish with a final Action Song and of course Sticker Time!

By the time a child is ready to move into the Walking – 2 Years Class they would have learnt how to walk confidently, how to climb with confidence and be socially aware of others around them.