GYMBOBS – Objectives & Benefits



School age to 7 years

The Gymbobs programme is designed for Tumble Tots graduates or children of school age. In this class your child will be introduced to the concept of teamwork and relays for the first time. This will help to prepare him for participation in school and club sporting activities and build on his social skills. Gymbobs work with and without equipment, extending their practical skills and improving body management through more demanding exercise and equipment layout. Although challenging, this is done in a safe environment, helping your child to develop self-discipline and control his energy. He will be taught how to look after his body so he does not hurt himself and understand his own limitations. A consistent level of expectation will encourage your child to extend himself without risking damage to his self-esteem or confidence. 

By this stage he will be eager to show you what he can do. As he continues to develop he will be encouraged to express his own unique personality while doing so in a reasonable and acceptable way. All this provides a positive and encouraging springboard for your child to explore his own potential and take pleasure in his own skills. 

Having completed the final stage in the Tumble Tots programme your child will quite happily socialise with other children and be easily recognised as someone with confidence and high self-esteem. Taking turns, working as a team, being leader or follower, exercising self-discipline and listening to instructions will all be second nature to him. You’ll have helped prepare him for his life ahead and given him that invaluable head start.