TUMBLE TOTS – Objectives & Benefits

Walking to 2 yearstumbletots_4.jpg

This class is for children who can walk confidently and is designed to develop motor skills in areas of agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination. With parental involvement the confident walker is now encouraged to climb, jump and roll while learning how to control his movements more precisely. Classes help him become more independent by teaching him how to go up and down equipment safely, climb trestles and ladders, and balance on different surfaces. 

Tumble Tots – Walking to 2 years class allows your child the opportunity to explore freely and continues to reinforce parent and child-bonding. 

At each session, rhymes and action songs are specifically chosen to encourage participation and build on his interest in words. He learns how to watch and copy or follow simple instructions. Working with other children also encourages him to take turns and to share. This in turn helps develop his social skills. Classes are regularly altered to introduce new challenges to keep your child self-motivated and constantly gaining confidence.

When he moves onto the next stage he will already find it easy to socialise with other children and will have improved motor skills, particularly balance and co-ordination.

tumbletots_2.jpg2 to 3 years

By the age of two and a half most children will have learnt the basis of all movement skills and have rapidly developed physical, social and language skills. Still with parental involvement, the 2-3 year class is structured around four ‘activity stations’, and a more structured format. He is encouraged to watch and listen carefully so he can copy and revise the same activity the following week. Each station has its own identity and is designed to improve the co-ordination of hand-eye-foot control, balance, climbing and all round agility. 

This class introduces higher and more complex equipment together with more demanding physical tasks to increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Sessions are designed to increase his concentration span and willingness to try again on tasks he finds challenging. This will teach him to take risks but to do so as safely as possible by helping him to understand his skills and limitations. Children are taught to be leaders and followers through making ‘trains’ between stations, and co-operation is encouraged through group activities. Language development plays a significant role in these sessions, as children are encouraged to participate in action songs.

On completing the 2-3 year class your child’s physical development will have improved considerably and with it his confidence. He will now be more independent and ready for the next class up…3 years to school age.

tumbletots_3.jpg3 years to school age

The transition from pre-school to school is a big step for most children so the more you can do to prepare them the better. By this stage your child is now able to learn from past experiences and will begin to enjoy the companionship of other children and play co-operatively. He should be ready to take on some responsibilities and may appear more confident and self-assured as a result. 

Tumble Tots 3 years to school age programme continues to develop your child’s motor skills and confidence, without needing a parent to support or be present. Your child will be taught how to remember sequences of activities and break new challenges down into manageable tasks.

The classes are carefully structured to give your child the opportunity to follow rules and adapt their behaviour to different situations. Importance is placed on co-operation as your child is taught to respect other children, be supportive when others need help, and work as part of a group. This all helps to build positive relationships, an important skill for the time when he goes to school. His creativity will be stimulated as he listens to, recalls and joins in with action songs.

The programme for this age group will have specifically developed your child’s ability to remember task sequences and he will be ready for the big world of school. With this great step he can now progress to Gymbobs.