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Heavenly Organic Superfoods

Heavenly is a unique and innovative baby and toddler snacking company that offers natural and organic snacks which are perfect for on the go snacking, lunchboxes or as a quick and handy snack in the home.

Heavenly’s range of scrumptious snacks are suitable from 6 months+ until any age, and are jam packed with superfood ingredients including spinach, kale, coconut milk and pumpkin.  Parents can be reassured that the entire range is certified as never containing any added sugar, and for having low levels of natural sugars by Sugarwise UK.  The Heavenly range caters for gluten and dairy allergies offering dairy and gluten free products within the range.

Mum-of-4 Shauna McCarney-Blair started the company, in 2011 after she struggled to find healthy food which was suitable for her children’s allergies.  In 2015 the company launched their current range of snacks.

The award winning snack range includes Happy Halo Bites, available in Banana or Apple flavours, Yummy Wafer Wisps, available in Spinach, Apple and Kale or Pumpkin & Banana flavours, Coconut Squishies in Mango and Strawberry flavours, Authentic Mini Italian Bread Sticks which come in original and rosemary flavours, and Crispy Veggie Waffles, which contain over 50% tasty organic vegetables, and available in Carrot & Cumin and Sweet Beet & Shallot flavours.

With further innovation in the pipeline, the Heavenly brand is continuing to provide parents with healthy alternatives to sugary snacks.   The brand is fast becoming recognised as one which is associated with healthy eating, and low sugar, with parents and bloggers raving about the wonderful flavours of the products.

Customer testimonial:

‘We really do adore your product, we do quite a long trip to make sure we can get everything we need from the range each week! Well, my son and his twin sister LOVE the coconut squishies but snack wise they love the apple halo bites and the pumpkin and banana wisps, but we really love all the products.

 You have a wonderful ethos in the company and its so good to know the little ones are having organic and healthy products!’  Claire, Durham

At the core of Heavenly is a commitment to the values of family health, and ‘free-from’ added sugar, additives, preservatives, and any unnecessary ingredients.   These values form the basis for all our products.

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