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This prize draw is now closed. Win ALL 7 Books in the World of Rachel Bright and Jim Field picture book series!

To celebrate the release of their latest collaboration on 26th October, The Pandas Who Promised, we’re giving one lucky Tumble Tots member the chance to win all seven books in the collection. For our chance to win, please enter your details where shown at the bottom of this page.

Is your little one… a clinging koala? A meek mouse or a loud lion? A squabbling squirrel or a little gecko always in the spotlight?

Bring out the best in your little ones with the can-do, picture book tales from the World of Rachel Bright and Jim Field. Featuring feel-good, rhyming text with a moral message in each and stunning illustrations throughout, this bestselling picture book series is much-loved by families globally.

This wonderful prize comprises: The Lion Inside, The Koala Who Could, The Squirrels Who Squabbled, The Way Home for Wolf, The Whale Who Wanted More, The Gecko and the Echo and the latest title, The Pandas Who Promised.

The Pandas Who Promised (out on 26th October):

‘If there’s something you need or you’re wanting to do,
I promise we’ll talk and I’ll listen to you…
Keeping a promise is special, you see.
It’s how I trust in you and you trust in me.’
High on a misty mountainside, red panda cubs Popo and Ketu live happily with their mama. As the sisters grow, they promise that they will ALWAYS stay close to home and look out for each other. But while Popo is content to stay in the family’s cosy treetop nest, bold Ketu dreams of excitement and exploration. And so when Ketu creeps off down the mountain in search of adventure, Popo must make a choice: will she keep her promise to Mama, or go after her sister?
The Pandas Who Promised is an epic adventure with a heartwarming message about the importance of openness and honesty, especially between a parent and children. This is the latest picture book tale in the bestselling The Lion Inside series, from The World of Rachel Bright and Jim Field.