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Save up to 20% discount on Klearvol essential oils for inhalation

Klearvol is one of the brands in the market today providing a natural remedy for all families who have trouble getting their young ones to relax into a soothing sleep by providing that reassuring aromatic hug that lasts all night.

Each gelatin capsule contains natural essential oils from Menthol, Pine, Terpineol & Thymol. Each dose has been carefully weighed into capsules which are cut off & squeezed into a handkerchief to release our soothing vapours.

  • Suitable from 3 months upwards
  • can be used in Diffusers
  • Soothing natural vapours for day or night.
  • Klearvol contains soothing natural aromatic oils such as pine, thymol and menthol.
  • contains individual capsules which provide ‘A hug that lasts all night ‘
How to use Klearvol?

It’s easy really:

Carefully cut off the top of the capsule with a pair of scissors
Ensure the tip is pointing downwards and away from the face

Pour the liquid contents onto a piece of cloth such as a handkerchief or tissue

Ensure the cloth used is secured and completely out of reach
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Not to be used with babies under 3 months of age, do not use if you have any allergic or hypersensitive reaction – this may include difficulty in breathing, swalling, swelling or rashes.
Do not in hail the product and if by accident please consult your local healthcare professional.

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