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Get a Free 50ml Bottle of AQUAINT Sanitiser Worth £2.49 with Each Purchase of Happy Planet 100% Biodegradable Wipes!

My Happy Planet Wipes

The wipes are 100% biodegradable, 100% home compostable and 100% plastic-free. They are made from FSC certified wood pulp and dispersible cellulose plant fibers. They contain 99.9% purified water, Apple Fruit Extract and food grade / mild preservatives and are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, eco-friendly and the purest sustainable wipes on the market.

AQUAINT 100% Natural Sanitising Water

Contains only water and a natural acid, Hypochlorous Acid (which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs) provides its anti-bacterial properties.

AQUAINT can be safely be used on the body, on hard and soft surfaces and even as a mouthwash. It is the perfect sanitizer at home or on the go and can be used on hands and skin, soothers, teethers and feeding equipment. No need to rinse as it is as safe as drinking water. Can also be used to clean cuts and grazes.

Use code TT001 at to claim your free 50ml bottle of AQUAINT Sanitiser with each purchase of Happy Planet Biodegradable Wipes!