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Save 15% with BANZ® kid’s sunglasses!

BANZ® has been helping parents to protect precious little eyes, skin and ears for over 15 years. Banz’s original Australian designed wrap-around sunglasses for infants and kids is where the journey started!

BANZ® have a UV rating of 400, which block out the entire spectrum of harmful rays and are 100% safe and free of any toxic chemicals.

Banz feature a soft silicone nose & brow piece which is embedded into the frame for not only added comfort but to seal our all harmful rays.

The frames are made from polycarbonate which makes them virtually shatterproof and the neoprene adjustable strap allows a perfect fit.

Protecting little ones from environmental dangers is easy with BANZ® completeline of protection products. Tested to the highest safety standards worldwide, BANZ® products combine safety you trust with styles you will love!

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