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BRIO World – designed with joy in mind

Scandinavian toy brand BRIO is dedicated to creating happy childhood memories

BRIO is a toy box favourite the world over. Some 130 years on from the first BRIO toy, the company’s design team keeps its focus on creating toys that foster children’s natural development through the joy of play.

Open-ended play can unlock new discoveries

Play is an incredible thing.  Not only creating opportunities of sheer joy for children, it is through this fun that children make sense of the world around them and progress through all the many stages of development. As they play, they learn and develop social and emotional skills as well as physical ones such as hand-eye co-ordination.  The BRIO World, with its open-ended design, aims to nurture those developments, addressing the environment that children see around them today. Product Design Manager, Erik Sӧderlind, explains;

“In designing BRIO World, we have taken inspiration from the real-world children see now. The fire station, the farm, the school – all places they may have seen or experienced – have been BRIO-fied to make them relatable and inviting to children.”

“Children’s imaginations are unlimited and so the open-ended design of the BRIO World offers unlimited possibilities too. They can arrange and rearrange their BRIO World in endless combinations, challenging themselves and making new discoveries.  All the time that they are absorbed in play, they’re making exciting learnings too without realising it.”

The BRIO World includes many different experiences and scenarios to explore, connected in a playful interactive system offering children the freedom to create their adventures however they choose.

Bringing a new dimension to the play

The world has changed a lot since the birth of the first BRIO toys. Children are living in a digital age but the importance of play endures. Joining the BRIO World, Smart Tech adds a new dimension of play and discovery. With integrated technology, Smart Tech engines interact with Smart Tech Action Tunnels and destinations creating exciting effects such as lights, sounds or movement.

“As children play with Smart Tech trains and destinations in the BRIO World, the train almost seems to come to life as it interacts with the children. They are very much in control as the unique interactivity between engine and accessories mean they must think about what they would like to happen and then experiment with their layout to make it happen. It’s not just amazing fun, they’re learning early sequencing and coding skills without even realising it.”

Play that endures through generations

Sharing the joy of the play through generations is key in BRIO’s world. All the wood in BRIO toys is traceable and sourced from responsibly managed forests, while additional, high quality materials offer the opportunity of increased functionality, longevity and play value. Designed to last the test of time, BRIO products made today are compatible with all past BRIO wooden railway products.

“No matter which BRIO toy you have today, we firmly believe it should work with the others in your family’s collection. Our world is about creating playful experiences and memories that every generation can share today and in the future.”

Erik Sӧderlind is Product Design Manager at BRIO based in Malmӧ, Sweden

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