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HiPP Organic Jars

HiPP Organic

HiPP Organic jars are made with the finest organic ingredients, providing your little one with the best possible start to weaning and beyond.

After all, with our jars you get 5 in 1:

  • Organic – important to ensure your baby’s sensitive tummy isn’t exposed to unnecessary harmful pesticides
  • New recipes – to give greater choice when introducing those all-important savoury flavours and as a result help increase acceptance of a more varied diet later on
  • Steam cooked – to lock in all the goodness & flavour of our organic ingredients
  • Texture and lumps – to help avoid any reluctance in accepting chunkier foods as they progress on their weaning journey
  • Great value – because we believe the benefits of organic should be affordable for all

That’s why we’re proud to be the only organic jar range in the UK with 60 different recipes to choose from.

New pure vegetables range

We believe that savoury should mean savoury with no hidden fruit. That’s why we never use fruit to sweeten our savoury recipes. We love mealtimes and think they should be playful and fun, however when it comes to ingredients, you’ll find us the fussy ones.

Our new range of pure vegetable jars are therefore the ideal first spoonful’s for little ones starting weaning as although babies have a preference for sweeter tastes, it is important that you introduce them to a wide range of different tastes from the beginning including a variety of different vegetables.

The range includes our white carrot-mild in taste and a flavour unique to HiPP – and with our new wider opening jars, you’ll spoon out every last bit!

Find out more about the range here: