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HSBC UK Ready Set Ride

Teaching a child to ride a bike can lead to all sorts of adventures for your family – and gives them valuable skills for life. HSBC UK Ready Set Ride is a free and simple learn to ride programme for kids aged 18 months to eight years, created by British Cycling and HSBC UK together with the Youth Sport Trust. The whole process is built around quick and easy games to get your child comfortably riding their bike, whilst having lots of fun along the way.

Kids can start at any age and there is no pressure to begin pedalling straight away. In fact, you don’t even need a bike or any cycling knowledge to get going, as the easy to follow guidelines will provide you with lots of helpful information along the way.

The programme consists of three simple stages, which focus on the fundamental movements required to gain coordination, balance and confidence on two wheels:

  1. Prepare 2 Ride – For these fun activities you don’t even need a bike! They can be done anytime, anywhere and focus on building core skills that are essential for cycling.
  2. Skills 2 Ride: Balance – Balance bikes are an amazing way to prepare your child for pedalling. The games are great fun and can help your child begin to experience the freedom that a bike gives them.
  3. Skills 2 Ride: Pedals – With no stabilisers in sight! These games support your child’s transition from scooting to pedalling, continuing to improve their skills to develop into a confident rider.

Learning on a suitable bike makes the process altogether easier, so before you get started check out our guide to balance and pedal bikes which includes handy tips on buying a bicycle that will be a good investment.

Visit HSBC UK Ready Set Ride to start your journey and explore over 20 free games. You can also download our free app from this page, meaning you can try the activities on-the-go!