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Introducing Trudi the high-quality, irresistibly soft range of toys from Flair

This year, Flair has gifting all wrapped-up, with its premium plush range Trudi. Founded in Italy, Trudi has long been a brand of choice among gift buyers, with its heritage spanning more than 65 years.

The softest of first companions that will be treasured for years to come is the backbone of plush brand Trudi. Renowned for its high-quality, irresistibly soft toys with refined designs, Trudi recreates the animals of the world in the finest of plush. Carefully crafted to last a lifetime, these soft toys make wonderful gifts that will be cherished by children of all ages, including those in their infant years. Plus, because the range is so comprehensive, Trudi caters for all sizes and tastes.

The puppet show will go on, thanks to the lovely line-up of Trudi Puppets! Making for a beautiful soft toy or a fun puppet for play, Trudi Puppets are designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage storytelling. Kids can collect a cast of eight colourful characters; each puppet is characterised by simple colours and an open smiley face.

Adorable and a great place to start with Trudi is the Classic plush range, which includes some of the world’s best-loved animals. Hand-made and carefully stitched, the eight animals in the collection are available in small and medium sizes. These are plush toys that should feature in every child’s collection!

Trudi’s Love Box is a great gift idea that keeps the element of surprise in a unique and special package! Each travel case contains a soft, long-eared cuddly plush animal, a gift box and love message. It is easily transportable and are a cuddly 17cm high.


Meet the Fluffies, these super cute cuddly cub characters with longer plush make them so fluffy! The extra-long fur enhances their full bodies, tender baby face impressions making them irresistible to touch.



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