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Jolly Plays – bringing reading to life!

Jolly Plays are designed to help children become fluent and confident readers, with well-developed speaking and listening skills. As with Jolly Phonics, the teaching in Jolly Plays is multisensory, active and fun.

Each of the six plays in this book comes with a number of additional teaching resources and cross-curricular activities, which can be used whether the children perform the plays or simply read them aloud. All of the parts in each play are colour coded to help teachers select the right part for each child, and there are songs and nonspeaking parts for less confident children, ensuring that everyone in the class is included.

Jolly Plays provides:

  • Six reproducible play scripts, which are decodable at the Jolly Phonics Purple Level
  • A large number of mask and prop templates, for use when performing the plays
  • Six songs, with reproducible song lyrics and downloadable audio
  • Comprehension and discussion questions for each play
  • Story sequencing and reading comprehension activities for each play
  • Cross-curricular activity suggestions including art, craft, science, physical education and cooking suggstions, as well as literacy activities

… and much more!

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 What is Jolly Phonics?

Jolly Phonics is a fun and multi-sensory synthetic phonics programme that is proven in empowering children to become clear and confident communicators.

Children are taught the 42 main sounds of English; not just the alphabet. A song, a story and an action accompany each letter sound, which help children to remember the sound and the letter(s) that represent it.

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