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Discover the wonderful way to teach reading and writing with Jolly Phonics!

Kick-start your child’s phonics journey this new year with our fantastic range of fun and educational early years phonics resources! From exciting decodable reading books and catchy songs to a bumper book of phonics activity ideas, our Jolly Phonics resources are perfect for keeping your kids entertained and on track to becoming fluent and confident readers and writers.

Discover the entire range today in our fantastic Early Years Catalogue 2022!*

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Why is phonics important for your child?

Phonics can help your child get a head start in reading and writing because it teaches them to learn the letter sounds rather than the alphabet. This allows your child to learn to read by recognising the letters and blending together the respective sounds, and learn to write by identifying the sounds and writing down the corresponding letters.

To find out more about phonics and how to use the Jolly Phonics programme, have a read of our Parent/Teacher Guide.

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