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Just One of Those Days by Jill Murphy

It had been a long night… so Mr and Mrs Bear woke up late.

Last seen having a restless night in Peace at Last, how will the Bear family cope the next morning? When Mr and Mrs Bear wake up late, it’s raining outside – and Baby Bear is late for nursery. Then Mrs Bear sits on her glasses at work and Mr Bear spills his coffee! Oh dear – it seems this is just going to be one of those days! But the loveable Bear family muddle through cheerfully, and there’s even a surprise for Baby Bear when Mr Bear gets home from work.

With all the hallmarks of an instant classic, Just One of Those Days is a gentle, warm story about a family day, which parents and children everywhere will relate to – full of satisfying read-aloud repetition and rhythm – and with Jill Murphy’s instantly recognisable, cosily-lit illustrations.

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Hardback, £12.99

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As of 01/01/2021 reduced to £6.49 at Waterstones!