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Love the difference – a2 Milk™

Many people who drink a2 Milk™ say they love the difference. But what’s the a2 Milk™ difference?

a2 Milk™ is the only milk that comes from specially hand-picked cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein, and none of the A1 protein.

With help from our a2 Milk™ farmers, we ensure that every drop is free from the A1 protein found in regular cows’ milk. It’s completely natural, the way milk is meant to be. It’s even been taste approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Try a2 Milk™ for yourself and discover why so many people around the world are making the switch.

  • 97% of a2 Milk™ drinkers would recommend to a friend*
  • “Amazing milk my 2 kids love it!” – Jenny
  • “I sing this milks praises whenever I can, do try this a2 Milk UK, I don’t think you will return to your other pinta!” – Kathy

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* In an a2 Milk™ user trial tested on 318 people