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Playful Discoveries Everyday with Ravensburger

Play is at the heart of children’s early learning journey. As well as providing plenty of good times and laughter, it is the way that children begin to develop essential skills and understand their world.  Ravensburger’s new games and puzzles, designed for pre-schoolers, offer engaging ways to foster key skills while having fun.

Explore piece by piece

There’s nothing puzzling about the fantastic benefits of jigsaws! This toybox classic offers a wealth of plusses from encouraging motor skills through manipulation of the pieces to practicing memory skills and spatial awareness.  When you enjoy puzzles together with your child, they can be a great talking point to practice communication and language skills too. Two new puzzle collections from Ravensburger have been designed to encompass all these skills while helping children to understand the world about them.  Each one includes a handy learning guide on the box to provide added inspiration.

My First Puzzles

Featuring themes highlighted in the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines, children can learn about and discuss different seasons and weather or animals and their environments with these puzzles. Designed to be suitable for children aged 2 and up, each includes four puzzles of varying piece counts.

My First Look & Find Puzzles

These chunky 16 piece puzzles introduce a new dimension to the playful learning. Once the puzzle has been put together, have fun searching for the highlighted objects in the picture!

Game for some learning fun!

Playtime can be a time for developing skills without even realising it with a new range of preschool activity games from Ravensburger. Designed for children aged 3 years and up, the games incorporate engaging sensory play concepts while encouraging dexterity, creativity and memory skills as they foster recognition of numbers, letters and shapes.

1,2,3 dough

Dough is an ever popular choice for early years play for a good reason! It’s great for hand-eye co-ordination as well as building manual dexterity and motor skills. In this game preschoolers can manipulate and mould the dough to complete pictures, as well as number and letter activities on the laminated activity sheets.

ABC sand with me

Sand tracing is great sensory play and a fun way to introduce writing in a carefree way. Many children will have enjoyed this activity in their nursery or preschool setting.  Discover sand tracing play at home with the ABC sand with me game which introduces matching, colouring and writing concepts.

Ready, steady, thread

Small hands and fingers will love to make a splash with this colourful threading game. They’ll be practicing concentration and co-ordination as they piece together the sea creature cards and enjoy threading the animals together. Explore colours, animal identification and more.

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