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Sun-Maid Raisins Mini Snacks – the ideal healthy on-the-go snack!

Sun-Maid’s famous little red boxes have been enjoyed by children and adults alike, for over 100 years.

Sun-Maid California Raisins are naturally sun-dried, and unlike some other raisins, they have no added oils or glazing agents.  Our raisins contain only naturally occurring fructose sugar and have no added sugarThe only thing “added” to our raisins is the Californian Sunshine!

Parents are always looking for healthier snacks for their children, but the products must appeal to the children as well.  We know how difficult it is to get that balance right!

That’s why we think our delicious Sun-Maid Raisins Mini Snacks are an ideal healthy snack. They are naturally sweet, portable and convenient, plus a great way to get your little ones to eat more fruit.  Just one 30g serving (a heaped teaspoon) counts as one of your 5 A Day.

So whether you are enjoying a staycation at the beach this summer, or having a picnic in the park – be sure to include our Mini Snacks in your basket!

When it comes to school time, we all know how much kids love our little red boxes in their lunch boxes or as a quick snack on the way home!  So why not get down to a Waitrose Store or click here to visit Waitrose online. 

Get yourself stocked up today!

“Don’t forget to take some Sun-Maid Raisins with you next time your little one goes to a Tumble Tots session; they are bound to be hungry after – they are a good way to defuse those ‘hangry’ moments.”

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