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Your Klearvol Winter Survival Kit

Need a bear hug that lasts all night? Klearvol provides a natural remedy for families who have trouble getting their little ones to relax into a calming sleep.

Klearvol is easy, safe, and convenient to use. Whether you prefer a vapour rub gel for your little ones chest, a mist for the room/pillow, or the classic capsules, Klearvol has the products that you need to help sooth through the day and night.

Bedtime can often be a hassle, especially when the little ones are restless, or have a sniffle. We have developed a unique blend of essential oils to help relax and enhance wellbeing of your young ones before bedtime within our product range. Each of our products contain 100% naturally sourced essential oils, high quality ingredients, and can be used from age 3 months upwards.

But how does Klearvol work? Across our product range, we utilise a unique blend of Aloe Vera, Lavender, Pine and Thyme; the perfect combination for sweet dreams. Being rich in water, nutrients and minerals, Aloe Vera is hydrating, soothing, and refreshing. Its properties provide recomfort, softness, and care, even for sensitive skin. Promoting relaxation and a calming environment, Lavender oil is perfect for providing a peaceful night’s sleep. A gentle reminder of Christmas trees, Pine oil has the ability to refresh spirits and relieve nervous tensions. Being traditionally placed beneath pillows during the Middle Ages to help promote a peaceful night and to ward off nightmares, Thyme is the ideal final addition to our blend of essential oils.

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