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Santa’s Lapland – a Christmas like no other!

There are lots of wonderful ways to celebrate Christmas, but nothing can beat a magical family visit to meet Santa and his cheeky elves in his Lapland home.

In addition to your family’s private meeting with Santa, there are loads of additional Arctic activities included in the holiday such as:

  • An exciting Husky-sled ride
  • Embarking on a Reindeer sleigh ride
  • Driving a mini Skidoo
  • Exploring a real Igloo
  • Trying your luck at Ice fishing
  • Tobogganing down the snowy hill
  • Many more fun & games in the snow with Santa’s cheeky Elves

From a traditional Sami welcome at the airport to going on your ‘search for Santa’ and meeting Rudolph and his reindeer friends, your trip to Lapland will be one you’ll cherish for many years to come.

Surprise the kids and make Christmas magical.

“The most magical experience we could ever wish for. We loved everything! The Husky ride, reindeer ride, snowmobile, Northern Lights trip and just having fun in snow… save up your pennies and go!” Smailes Party December 2018

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