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5 reasons why a villa is the perfect family holiday

Choosing the right family holiday can take time and patience, particularly if convenience and practicality are important to you. That’s why a villa holiday is such a popular option for so many families – offering security without the need for adjoining rooms, no need to pack and unpack beach bags, and down-time for parents once the kids are tucked up in bed. They can also work out more affordable than a hotel.

  1. Endless options to match your style and budget

Renting a villa allows you to choose exactly the type of holiday you want. Once you have decided on a budget, the options are endless. You can stay pretty much anywhere in the world in a huge range of properties. Whatever your taste – a smart and luxurious beach villa, total seclusion in the hills, a stylish townhouse or even a cabin in the woods – the choice is yours.

  1. A holiday with no timetables and your own pool

Imagine a holiday with no set meal times and a fridge with all the food and drinks you like. How about your own private pool? No sitting on alert, bolt upright all afternoon, eagle-eyed, trying to spot your little ones in the middle of splashing, screaming, swarming mass of youngsters. Fancy a midnight dip on your own – go for it, no one can stop you!

  1. Space – as much as you need

Let’s face it, hotel rooms seem to shrink with every day of your holiday so you can barely reach the bed without traversing an assault course of wet clothes, discarded toys and ‘euch, what have I just stepped in?!’. One of the huge advantages of renting a villa is space.  Many family-friendly villas may also have a selection of toys and games, irons and ironing boards and much more so do ask about what’s provided. That way, you can travel lighter and have more time to kick back and relax.

  1. Sharing with family and friends

With multi-generational holidays on the rise, renting a villa is the sensible way to keep family members of all ages happy. Check the floorplans to see how close – or not! – you want to be with your loved ones. Sharing a villa with family and friends can give you quality time together that you can’t really get anywhere else.

  1. Live like a local

A villa holiday can give you more opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture. Shopping at village markets, eating at bistros and visiting bars the locals use rather than tourists can be a huge part of your holiday and create lasting memories.

Top Tips
  • We recommend booking with Villa specialists. They will be only too happy to help find the perfect property and setting for you
  • Be sure you know exactly what is included to avoid any disappointment
  • Family-friendly experts include Villa Plus, Oliver’s Travels